Cone Dust Masks (Case of 240)
Cone Dust Masks (Case of 240)
Cone Dust Masks (Case of 240)
Cone Dust Masks (Case of 240)

Cone Dust Masks (Case of 240)

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When it comes to personal protective equipment, there are several degrees of protection.

For some jobs, disposable or work gloves are sufficient. Others may require coveralls or aprons to protect workers from the rigors of the task at hand. Still more—especially those involving dusty or windy conditions—may even pose a challenge to one's ability to breathe.

That’s where AMMEX® N95 Cone Masks come in.

Approximately 5% of all U.S. workers in about 20% of all work establishments wear respirators at least some of the time while performing their job functions, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AMMEX N95 Cone Masks protect by filtering hazardous particles, including dust and infectious agents, out of the air the wearer is breathing. These masks are rated N95 by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which means they have a filtering efficiency of 95% for particles as small as 3 microns. They are not, however, resistant to oil.

The masks are made from three-ply polyester and melt blown polypropylene filters. They are latex- and fiberglass-free, and have a padded aluminum bridge to ensure the proper fit for your face size and shape, The two elastic straps hold them securely in place.

AMMEX N95 Cone Masks filter out dust, bacteria, and pollen, among many other particulates. They have numerous uses, from industrial to food service, laboratory to wood shop, janitorial and sanitation to lawn care and landscaping—in short, any activity where you need to filter the air so you can breathe easier, as well as preventing the spread of germs. They are sold 20 masks per box, 12 boxes per case, in one size.

If your job kicks up a lot of dirt or dust, you can breathe easier knowing that AMMEX N95 Cone Masks are there to protect you.