AMMEX Nylon Inspection Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

AMMEX Nylon Inspection Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

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Some gloves you wear to protect your hands. Others, you wear to protect what you’re handling.

AMMEX® Nylon Inspection Gloves are so versatile, they fall into both categories.

These ultra-thin, exceptionally comfortable gloves perform admirably in double duty, as either an inner or outer layer.

Wear them as a liner for disposable or work gloves. They’ll help keep your hands warmer in cold environments and provide a cushion so your outer gloves stay comfortable longer.

AMMEX Nylon Inspection Gloves are also designed to protect products from smudges, stains, fingerprints, or skin oil. They work exceptionally well with coins, crystal, silver, jewelry, photo negatives, or vintage photo prints, and are commonly used in creating store displays or arranging items for photo shoots.

The low-lint nylon stretches slightly for a snug, smooth fit, which ensures that dexterity and tactile sensitivity are high. These ambidextrous gloves are cut and sewn from a two-piece pattern and have a hemmed edge.

AMMEX Nylon Inspection Gloves are also popular for electronic component handling and assembly, inspection, parts handling, produce sorting, as waiter’s gloves, and for use in clinical laboratories. They are sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in size large.