AMMEX Cotton Inspection Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

AMMEX Cotton Inspection Work Gloves (Case of 144 pairs)

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AMMEX® Cotton Inspection Gloves truly do double duty. You can wear these ultra-thin, exceptionally comfortable gloves as an inner layer or an outer layer, and they perform admirably either way.

Try them under latex, vinyl, or nitrile disposable gloves, or leather work gloves. They absorb moisture, keep your hands drier—and warmer in cold environments—and provide more cushion for extra comfort.

If you’re wearing AMMEX Cotton Inspection Gloves on the outside, chances are you already know how well they protect products and surfaces from smudges, stains, or skin oil. They’re used in dozens of businesses to keep merchandise clean—who wants a bunch of fingerprints on that sterling silver tea set being put on display?—as well as by photographers arranging items for photo shoots.

Beyond these highly specialized examples, they’re great for any number of applications that require a deft, delicate, and pristine touch: electronic component handling and assembly, inspection, parts handling, produce sorting, and use in clinical laboratories.

AMMEX Cotton Inspection Gloves are handy around the house, too: Collectors and hobbyists love them for handling coins, crystal, jewelry, negatives, or vintage photos.

The low-lint cotton lisle gloves stretch slightly for a snug, smooth fit, which ensures high dexterity and tactile sensitivity. These ambidextrous gloves are cut and sewn from a two-piece pattern and have a hemmed edge. Washable and reusable, they are sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in size large.