Adult Washcloths (Case of 12 Tubs)

Adult Washcloths (Case of 12 Tubs)

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Nursing is never easy. You care about your patients, and you want the best for them. Providing a little relief under difficult circumstances is an important part of your job.

For patients, recovery isn’t easy, either. The simplest comforts often are those most missed, such as eating “real” food or feeling clean when you can’t bathe or shower.

That’s when AMMEXCare® Adult Washcloths come in.

Soft and comfortable yet durable, these washcloths are pre-moistened with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E to protect your skin while they gently cleanse. They don’t contain alcohol, which can dry skin.

Not only will they help recovering patients feel better, but they also are convenient for anyone who needs a quick cleanup and has no access to soap and water. Keep a tub in your locker at the gym, at your workplace, or in your car. Those with incontinence issues will find them invaluable.

AMMEXCare Adult Washcloths are 9 inches by 13 inches, come in white, and are sold in easily resealable tubs: 50 washcloths per tub, 12 tubs per case.

No one likes being in the hospital, or spending extended time in aftercare. For many patients, just feeling clean and refreshed can brighten their outlook and hasten their recovery.

AMMEXCare Adult Washcloths always provide welcome relief.